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Luxurious Kitchen

Grocery Services

HHCS provides personalized grocery shopping services tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs. Clients are required to provide a grocery list and preferences list in advance, either through their caseworker or directly to the agency. If preferences are not specified, generic brands are prioritized, considering any food sensitivities or allergies. Payments are made using the client's preferred method, and financial balances are checked before and after shopping, with client verification. Groceries are delivered and stored unless otherwise instructed by the client.


Grocery items will be chosen in accordance with the individual’s grocery list and preferences list, acquired upon the shopper’s arrival. These lists are provided for the
individual to complete, prior to scheduling services, by HHCS either through an individual’s caseworker or through the agency directly. If no preferences exist for any certain item on the preferences list, this agency will purchase generic brands as priority with respect to any/all food sensitivities or food allergies identified.


Groceries will be delivered and put away after the shopping has been completed by the
shopper, unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Payment Methods

Groceries will be purchased with the individual’s preferred payment method only. Preferred payment methods will be provided by the individual to their personal shopper. Financial balance checks will be conducted both before and after the shopping has taken place with signatures from the client in verification of resource checks before and after the shopping has taken place.

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